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Just had to express this and I doubt many (if any) people will read it anyway. Just a ramble bc look at how many games people go to lol. This wad just special because it was my first.

I went to my first uswnt game and it was amazing. I never really showed a true interest in anything until I found this team back in 2011. My true interest peaked at the behinning of 2012. Soccer and this team have made me so happy.

With that said, I’m truly heartbroken I didn’t get signatures from the players I wanted from the most. Especially Tobin. I guess she didn’t sign a lot of autographs or was just concentrated in one area that I was not in.

After the game, I felt like I wasted time and money driving from NJ to Rochester. But then something occurred to me…

Why am I whining and complaning?

I saw the team I fell in love with LIVE and not through a computer or tv screen. And on top of first game, Tobin scored!

I will not give up on getting that signature and when I do get it, it will be that much greater to finally get it.

Thank you to this team. I truly can’t thank them enough and the will never know just how much they’ve impacted my life in a positive way.

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Jill Ellis saying she wants to “build relationships” among the players but what the fuck, woman. You shouldn’t have to “build” these relationships. They’ve already been built, you’re just picking up players who don’t work well with the current squad and system. 


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